Diver Leadership

Snorkel leader


Teaching people the skills of snorkeling is very rewarding. Most people learn how to snorkel, also called skin diving, by either trial & error or watching their friends. However, properly mastering the skills and conducting or participating in snorkeling activities safely, requires the same training & practice as any other water adventure activity.

Many people who learn to snorkel, go on to learn to dive, while others prefer to stay ‘up top’. Either way, this is an essential part of enjoying the wonders of the marine environment.

By becoming a snorkel instructor through the Merimbula Divers Lodge, you can help others to appreciate the underwater world, be aware of the risks, and have fun in a safe, properly trained manner.

Dive Control (Dive Master) Specialist

The Dive Control Specialist, or Dive Master, is the person responsible for the safe conduct of a dive operation. They are there to help you with entering & exiting the water, monitoring your dive activity, helping out with equipment problems, providing dive site information, and generally making sure that your dive goes off without any hitches. The diving public look to the dive controllers for information, leadership & advice. At Merimbula Divers Lodge, you will gain all the theory and practical knowledge you need to attain this level of dive professional. The dive control qualification is a pre-requisite for instructor courses.

Open Water Instructor

Earn a living while enjoying diving! Open Water Instructors, along with the Dive Controllers, are the backbone of the dive industry.   Students rely on their instructor for advice on equipment, to ensure they have the proper level of knowledge & skills to go out into the world and conduct fun, safe, independent dives.

You’ll have tremendous job satisfaction as you take a class of beginners and turn them into keen, happy & highly skilled divers. Good instructors are highly sought after. At Merimbula Divers Lodge we can train you to become a dive instructor.