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TRY SCUBA program.

At Merimbula Divers Lodge, you can try SCUBA diving, even if you have never dived before! Tick off that item on your list of ‘things you’ve always wanted to do’. You can just have a go in our pool, specially constructed for dive instruction, or you can experience an open water, shore based, dive. At all times, you will be under the close supervision of a highly qualified instructor. During the program, you will receive some basic theoretical and practical instruction, then, if you have elected the open water option, it’s off to do the real thing!

Scuba Diver Program.

The Scuba Diver Qualification is designed for those who will dive regularly, but infrequently. Once again, you will be under the close supervision of an instructor at all times. To attain your passport, you will complete a theory session at the Merimbula Divers Lodge, and practical instruction in the pool. Then it’s off to enjoy two dives in the open water! After that, you can keep your passport current by undertaking two dives every six months under the supervision of a dive leader. This program does not qualify you to conduct unsupervised dives.

Open Water Diver Course

The Open Water Diver course is a comprehensive, internationally recognised course leading to trained divers capable of planning & conducting dives independently.

With an Open Water Diver qualification from the Merimbula Divers Lodge, you can hire or buy dive gear and go diving anywhere in the world!

The course takes about 4 days, either full time or part time, tailored to meet your schedule & needs. Start online and save time and money!

All equipment, materials, charter fees, pool entries, tuition etc are included in the course cost. From this point, you can start gaining specialty ratings in areas that interest you.  Open Water information

Start Learning to Dive for Free …

You can start your SSI open water course right now, online for free! Our Open Water course involves theory and pool work, 5 training dives and free mask, snorkel, fins and boots and special diving club offers – Open Water information .

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