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New to Diving?  , Looking for more skills?  , Ready for leadership? 

Merimbula Divers Lodge conducts dive courses and programs for all levels, from introductory dives and experiences, right up to instructor training with SSI . Courses are delivered using world renown and accredited materials, agencies and programs, from SCUBA Schools International (SSI). If your previous training is with Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) there is no problem – both organisations are recognised.

We have a dedicated classroom with electronic presentation aids. Internet access is available.

There are courses & programs for those that are new to diving, courses for qualified divers, and leadership courses for divers that aspire to a career in the dive industry. In all our courses, although there is a theory element, training is mainly practical & hands-on.

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You can start your SSI open water course right now, online for free! Our Open Water course involves theory and pool work, 5 training dives and free mask, snorkel, fins and boots and special diving club offers – Open Water information

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Dive Safety

Diving involves physical activity in an environment hostile to human life. It requires a reasonable level of fitness and there are some medical conditions that make diving more risky. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, should there be any doubt about your medical condition a dive medical examination will be needed.

The South Pacific Underwater Medical Association (SPUMS) maintains a list of fully trained dive medical doctors. Ideally your dive medical should be completed by one of these doctors. However any trained doctor can complete the medical. We recommend you see your own doctor prior to coming to Merimbula. We can provide a standard examination form with information on the risks of diving to assist your doctor during the examination.

Divers Alert Network linkWe offer Divers Alert Network (DAN) first aid and other safety courses and recommend joining DAN for you diving insurance needs.